Bulk Encryption & Decryption

Bulk Scrambling & Descrambling Options



Supports Verimatrix, Pro:Idiom, Samsumg Lynk, Conax, Nagra, DVB CSA Simulcrypt


New Sources of Revenue

The Tangram GT41  encryption/decryption capabilities enable operators to conveniently and affordably pursue opportunities in hospitality, multi dwelling units, school campuses, nursing homes, hospitals, and wholesale analog RF or un-encrypted IP applications. IPTV operators can now take advantage of every revenue opportunity in their serving area.

High Performance Options to Protect Headend Video

The Tangram GT41 IP processing module provides a full spectrum of flexible multi-service scrambling and descrambling services. The GT41 integrates with Verimatrix, Pro:Idiom, Samsumg Lynk, Conax, Nagra, and DVB CSA Simulcrypt encryption and decryption. The scrambling and descrambling module can be combined with other modules within the same chassis to support multiple input and output options, making the Tangram an ideal and affordable solution for cable operators.

High-Density Stream Processing

The Tangram chassis and cards receive and encrypt/decrypt 128 unique 4K, HD or SD scrambled video services per module. Depending on network needs output options include any choice of IP, ASI, digital QAM or modulated traditional analog CATV. The Tangram bulk encryption and decryption modules can easily and securely enable a diversity of content formats through video headends direct to consumers.

Deliver Hospitality Services in IP, Analog or QAM Directly from Your Encrypted Streams

Supports HD/SD MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and HEVC • Bulk Scrambling and Descrambling Options • Up to 128 Unique Video Services

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