Subtitle Burn-In

Multi-language Subtitle Capabilities




Supports Cable TV (DVB-C), Satellite TV (DVB-S) and Terrestrial TV (DVB-T)

Multi-Language Subtitle Burn-In Capabilities

Subtitling Options for the 4400 High-Density Transcoder

Operators can now provide DVB subtitles without expensive middleware upgrades using Inca Networks’ 4400 Modular Series MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 high-density transcoder or Multiscreen Launch Platform with DVB subtitle burn-in. With many middleware devices not able to support various subtitling formats, Inca’s solution to burn-in subtitles into the actual video content allows digital cable and IPTV operators to affordably provide customers with multi-language support.


Simple Set-Up

Setup is simple and leverages the VidiOS™ platform, Inca’s award-winning monitoring and management interface, to ensure a quality customer experience. Operators simply need to input the three-letter ISO language code to activate the desired stream into the Subtitle burn-in textbox.

DVB Subtitle Stream is Decoded and Burned into the Transcoded Video Frame

Multi-Language Support  •  Specify Subtitling by Language ISO Description  •  (DVB-C), Satellite TV (DVB-S) and Terrestrial TV (DVB-T) Support

Multi-Language Subtitle Capabilities- Configure


Multi-Language Subtitle Capabilities - Active


Multi-Language Subtitle Capabilities- Subtitles


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