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Careers at Inca

Interested in joining us?

Video is taking the world by storm and Inca is spearheading the charge.

At Inca, we believe in hard work. But we also believe in having fun and, of course, bringing excellence to everything we do. When you talk to any of the players on our team, you feel it. You hear the buzz. You sense the focus and excitement. After all, we have redefined Intelligent Video Delivery so that operators can dramatically expand premium and multi-screen services. And we’ve done so while continuously aligning infrastructure with what customers demand. With the industry’s most powerful and scalable video platform, we’re poised to play a key role in making the idea of “TV Anywhere” a reality, thereby allowing people to watch video whenever they want, wherever they want, on any device. If being a part of this sounds good to you, get in touch.

Inca is headquartered in the Vancouver, British Columbia. If you don’t see the opening you’re hoping for, and you are still interested in joining the team, we’d love to hear from you nonetheless. Send your resume to info@incanetworks.com. Of course your information will not be shared with anyone outside of key decision makers within Inca Networks and will never be shared under any circumstances as indicated in our Terms and Privacy Policy.

Please note, only candidates we see a potential fit for within the organization will be contacted.

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