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Everything you need for commercial grade video.

The Inca product family encompasses all the tools necessary to take commercial and local content, process it and make it available across any screen, on any network. At the core of the Intelligent Video Delivery platform is VidiOS™. VidiOS™ encompasses all the key features needed to deploy, process, transcode, and scale large number of channels while monitoring key aspects of video flows.


Receive and convert legacy and off-air signal sources to IP streams. For any source, Inca’s family of Intelligent Video Delivery products ensures the smoothest transition to IP while providing unprecedented visibility and monitoring.



Process and monitor high volumes of commercial satellite receiver output. Ingest multiple gigabits of satellite programming from commercial receivers, from multiple suppliers. Using the highly visual user interface, easily extract your programs and stream them in to the IP video core or directly to fiber-to-the-home IPTV subscribers.


Optimize your video content to meet your network capacity and provide the best viewing experience. Offer exceptional linear and multiscreen video service for TVs, consumer tablets, smartphones, and other devices that connect over traditional cable, IPTV, and wireless networks. Inca’s next-generation transcoders offer a comprehensive, highly scalable real-time solution that streamlines the delivery of IP video.



Easily and securely transport video to or from wholesale partners, broadcasters and neighboring video operators at the network edge. Multiple Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and an elegant and easy-to-use interface with a la carte channel selection per wholesale partner, provides a powerful alternative to limited layer three multicast routing.


Support large-scale multiscreen deployments and bring mobile entertainment to your subscribers with Inca’s just-in-time adaptive bit rate packaging and live streaming origin server. Content is dynamically wrapped to suit the mobile or tablet device requesting the video stream. Inca’s built-in origin server capability ensures seamless delivery.



Give your team the best video intelligence and monitoring available. Provide a web-based, mosaic view of every channel at every stage in the signal flow. Proactively identify problem streams and keep the entire team informed by providing a single view of the status of the entire video delivery network no matter where you are located. Extend that visibility to non-Inca equipment via Intelligent Video Probes.

End of Life

The following products have reached end-of-life status. They are no longer in production, however support continues. Click on the following links to view end-of-life product information including links to replacement products, or click here to contact our support team.


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