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Verimatrix Bulk Decrypt for IPTV

Receive and decrypt up to 128 unique 4K, HD, or SD Verimatrix scrambled video services per module.


Deliver Hospitality Services in IP, Analog or QAM directly from your Encrypted Verimatrix Streams

The Tangram chassis and cards receive and decrypt 128 unique 4K, HD or SD Verimatrix scrambled video services per module and then output them as any combination of IP, ASI, digital QAM or modulated traditional analog CATV.


  • Convert IPTV to analog cable or QAM
  • Inputs: MPEG2/4, HD/SD
  • Scalable, modular platform
  • Decrypt up to 768 services per chassis
  • Outputs: Up to 36 QAM or analog
  • Verimatrix decryption and encryption options
  • Pro:Idiom encryption option
  • SPTS/MPTS streaming and reception via IP (CBR or VBR)
  • Dedicated ethernet interface for CAS connection
  • DVB CSA Simulcrypt scrambling
Hospitality, healthcare, education and bulk accounts can be a great source of revenue for video operators.

The Tangram with GT41 Verimatrix decryption capabilities enables operators to conveniently and affordably pursue opportunities in hospitality, Multi Dwelling Units, school campuses, nursing homes, hospitals, and wholesale analog RF or un-encrypted IP applications. IPTV Operators can now take advantage of every revenue opportunity in their serving area. The Tangram GT41 IP processing module can support up to 128 unique services to a total bandwidth of 850 Megabits per second, handling even the most complex HD lineups.

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