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The Core of Intelligent Video Delivery

Meet VidiOS™, an advanced processing and monitoring engine that provides carrier-grade control and visibility. VidiOS™ provides active stream tools and integrated status monitoring and reporting.

Inca has built intelligence and visibility into every product we make. The Inca Intelligent Video Delivery platform ensures operators can transform beyond the traditional broadcast model to a personalized architecture, giving them a competitive edge and delivering new revenues.

Intelligent Video Delivery

Intelligent Video Delivery


Turn your video vision into reality

Implement a profitable triple-play strategy with Inca’s flexible, reliable and easy-to-use solution. Our modular, scalable architecture gets you up and running in minutes and lets you grow and expand incrementally.

  • Feature-rich software architecture provides deep visibility into each step of the processing chain
  • Powerful modular platform lets you scale affordably and seamlessly as your business grows
  • Streamlined configuration and operation for increased efficiency
  • Beautiful high-quality output that subscribers love
  • Consistent web-based user interface across all platforms for ease of use

More streams, higher quality, and less bandwidth

Experience real-time, broadcast-quality video processing across multiple viewing devices with more streams, higher quality, and less bandwidth. Part of a fully-integrated and unified solution, the Inca Intelligent Streaming System receives, grooms and transcodes media from a variety of analog and digital sources for all your streaming video needs.

  • Demultiplex and groom satellite and ASI sources
  • Encode HD and SD analog sources to MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC
  • Live-hardware transcode MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 sources for linear and multiscreen adaptive bitrate applications
  • Monitor and analyze every stream in the headend with VidiOS™, an advanced processing and monitoring engine
  • Adaptive bitrate packager and origin server for multiscreen applications

Deep visibility for proactive troubleshooting

Enjoy carrier-grade control and vision into all video flows with a single view of the status of the entire video delivery network. All the information you need to troubleshoot, respond to critical events, and improve decision-making is at your fingertips in real-time – via a user-friendly, web-based interface.

  • Sophisticated visual monitoring and overview mosaic of all IP video streams in your headend
  • Single, centralized management interface for all your Inca equipment
  • Deep visibility and efficient troubleshooting with video thumbnails, extensive payload analysis, alarm rollup, and offline video analysis
  • Views for the management desk, the customer service team, and the headend engineer
  • VidiOS™ stream probing built into every Inca video processing product, plus the ability to monitor streams generated by other equipment.

Why Inca Networks?

Total Video Network Visibility 

Gone are the days where consumers are tied to their television to watch content at specific times determined by broadcasters. The way video content is accessed and consumed is slowly becoming nomadic, with the emerging expectation of “any content, on any screen, at any time.” In order to reliably and profitably manage and monetize content delivery to any device, service providers must select tools that minimize operating costs while maximizing visibility and control at every point in the network.

Intelligent Video Delivery
Intelligent Video Delivery

The Future of Video Delivery 

Inca’s Intelligent Video Delivery™ is an affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use solution that delivers the best viewing experience—what subscribers want, where and when they want it—all in one solution. Characterized by its unique visibility into every step of the video processing chain, Inca’s modular solution provides control, flexibility, and powerful performance. Together with Inca Networks as a trusted partner, you can use the Inca platform to define next-generation multiscreen services and to evolve, grow, and remain profitable in the face of rapid change.

“Inca’s Intelligent Video Delivery system is hands down the best thing out there. I’ve never seen any other company doing what Inca’s doing with that. Their competitors are way behind them. Until they can do what Inca’s doing, there’s just no comparison.”

Pete Anderson, Farmers Telephone Cooperative

Intelligent Video Delivery