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Inca deploys fast product solutions

Clearcable Networks launches entire transcode platform on Inca

With a host of solutions available on the market, Clearcable Networks specifically chose the Inca 4410 and 4430 transcoders because of the company’s comprehensive support. The ability to take any type of feed in and out with excellent video quality has resulted in Clearcable recommending Inca to all of their partners both on the acquisition and distribution sides.


We connected with Inca in a very serendipitous manner.

I was at a Canadian telecommunications conference happening to be walking by the booth while at home we were going through a bit of a crisis.

One of the content providers needed to deliver us a signal in a format that we couldn’t accept and we needed to deliver it to a customer in a format that we couldn’t deliver.

I ran into the Inca staff who told me that they could solve the problem.

Not only could they solve it, they shipped us product the next day, helped us get it configured and that very day, we bought our first 4410.

Solving our first problem with Inca was so easy that when we had our second problem, they again committed to solve our problem by shipping us next day a 1248 Borderguard and ever since then we’ve continued to build our relationship.

The Inca products differentiated themselves by being able to provide a whole solution and solve our input needs and our output needs. But most importantly, they had a committed team that was there to help us through the configuration and make sure that it worked the way we needed it to work.

So my deployment team was particularly excited about the usability of the interface on the 4410 and the 4430. It really helped them build a more solid product that we can deliver to our customers. The end result was excellent video quality on our live portals and that made our customers happy.

There are lots of solutions available in the market that cover bits and pieces or some of them even more, but what’s missing is the comprehensive support and Inca delivers that support and makes the solution work.

We recently decided to launch our entire transcode platform on Inca.

Clearcable Networks would recommend Inca to all of our partners both on the content acquisition side and on the distribution side.