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Inca ABR Transcoder 3840

Carrier-Grade Adaptive Bitrate Transcoder

The Inca Adaptive Bitrate Transcoder 3840 is a carrier-grade, globally deployed transcoder at a market-leading cost per stream. Proven high-quality output with consistent density and performance using a field-proven hardware transcoding engine, the 3840 features rapid configuration and deployment with award-winning VidiOS™ stream monitoring and analysis.


Are you looking to deploy new over-the-top video services?

I’m Charles from Inca, and I’m going to tell you about the 3840, a new carrier-grade transcoder our team has created to help you confidently launch new OTT services at a market-leading cost per stream.

Reliability and resilience were key requirements for the Inca Adaptive Bitrate Transcoder 3840. It delivers high-quality outputs and provides predictable density and performance using our 3rd generation, field-proven hardware transcoding engine.

Predictable performance means that even if your source codecs, bitrates or formats change, density will not – giving you the ability to confidently plan and budget any new OTT project.

Built by a team with a decade of transcoding experience, the 3840 ABR transcodes up to 24 HD or 48 SD services to frame-aligned adaptive bitrate profiles, all in a power-efficient 1RU chassis.

We created the 3840 to help you save upfront on capital costs with its unique hardware and ‘pay as you grow’ licensing model. Additionally, you can experience an extensive product lifecycle with a smooth migration path to HEVC transcoding with a future hardware upgrade.

As with every Inca product, the 3840 includes award-winning VidiOS tools for management and troubleshooting which include inbound and outbound video thumbnails, stream capture and download, extensive statistical analysis and stream event logging.

Together, Inca and WISI deliver the peace of mind that comes from 90 years of pioneering video reception and distribution technology.

WISI and Inca’s intelligent video delivery system provides unparalleled visibility, usability and reliability, while supporting all physical interfaces, all streaming formats and all video codecs. Backed by our multilingual, global technical support team.

We are main street – not wall street. We focus on staying close to our customers and providing the features that help you every day.  

To learn more about the Inca ABR Transcoder 3840, visit or just give us a call. We’re here to help.